Preetam sharma

I am an M.Tech student in Aerospace Engineering , IIT Kanpur. I secured AIR 114 in GATE 2015. I’m a former student of GATE Pathshala. I received valuable guidance from Mr. Abrar Nizami. He is an excellent teacher and has strong conceptual hold on various areas of Aerospace Engineering. His teaching skills are way beyond the skills of teachers under whom I’ve worked so far. He did really push me hard to secure a good rank in GATE. He was always there to clear doubts round the clock. Along with being a good teacher, he is also a wonderful human being. I would strongly recommend every Aerospace GATE aspirant to work under him and have a life changing experience and fulfil your dreams.

Vishvendra Rustagi

I am a former student of Mr. Abrar Nizami , Gate Pathshala and i am presently an M.Tech student in Aerospace Engineering, IIT Kanpur. I had secured an AIR 38 in Gate Aerospace Paper which apart from hard work requires a lot of in-depth subject knowledge. I received this valueable knowledge from Mr. Abrar Nizami whom i found to be besides a brilliant teacher , a fantastic Aerospace Engineer and a wonderful human being. His method of teaching and his grasp on the subject is hard to find or develop.I would really recommend every Aerospace enthusiast whether appearing for GATE or not to learn under him.


I am very glad that I met you in my life. You are good at heart, helpful, motivating…. My perception has changed a lot regarding viewing the things, after your teaching, Thank you very much sir ……


That one phone call that I made to you has changed my life. You changed my way of looking into things and how to approach them. And you are wonderful and very kind hearted person that I saw in my life.


Gate Pathshala is a place where I learnt much more than what I had learnt in my college. Thank you….